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The History of Reincarnation


          And so, reincarnation, re-embodiment, gives the new human being a chance to make amends in this incarnation for the mistakes and faults he committed in former existences, that is,...................


     In the year 553 at the Council of Constantinople, a majority vote condemned what the Early Christian teacher Origen had taught:  that people's souls existed as spirit beings before their birth into a human body, and that the event of the Fall had let them into a state of physical existence.  At the same time, they condemned the belief that all souls and humans would return to God one day. The council replaced this with the teaching of eternal damnation.  And so, at that council, people rejected the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth:  the message of a loving Father-God, who condemns no one to damnation, let alone eternally, but instead leads back all souls and people - with the help of the  Redeemer-force of the Christ of God, which becomes effective by following His teachings.  Also rejected was the knowledge about the pre-existence of the soul, one of the basic tenants of the teaching of reincarnation, which was also taught by Jesus of Nazareth, as we can see from several Early Christian writings.  It is the teaching that is closely related to the law of sowing and reaping.  The teach of reincarnation lets us human beings understand why people in the western world have become as they are, as they present themselves today.  People who could not comprehend the message of God, or did not want to - because their interests were not oriented to fulfilling the will of God - have distorted and changed the teachings from the Kingdom of  God.  The great wisdom of the conveyor of the message from heaven was forced into a narrow passage of incomprehensibility by those who indulge in self-adulation.

     Over the course of centuries the divine message was made more and more human and finally adapted to the desires and ambitions of the leaders of externalized religion.  These took the image of God and the law of God, including the law of reincarnation, "What you sow today you will reap tomorrow or in a future incarnation," and pruned and cut it to shape and size so that it would fit what the religious leaders wanted.  Because the watered-down teachings of the mainstream church's became ever more inconsistent and contradictory among themselves, the church "dignitaries" draped the guise of "mysteries of God" over them.

     If in 553 at the Council of Constantinople, only a few of the spiritually unconscious had decided differently, the "mystery" would have been aired, and people in the western world would know all about the existence of the human soul before its physical embodiment and thus, about the basic tenants of the teaching of reincarnation. 

     This ill-starred decision robbed many people of the knowledge about the meaning and purpose of their life on earth.  They no longer knew the inter-connections of their fate and did not know that the conditions for the birth of the soul into other worlds, into the beyond, depend on the behavior of the human being during his life on earth, all according to what the person thought said and did.  They also did not know that the return of the soul as a human being should be used to make amends for what the person had caused in former incarnations.

     Let us realize that human beings even then - in 553 - were presumptuous enough to decide what is true and correct, and do so even today. When a church-goer asks about the "where from and whereto," those who distorted the truth, the priests, cover it over with the mysteries of God, reasoning that:  "God does not let just anyone see into His mysteries."  In its dimensions, the devastating consequences of this wrong decision can hardly be imagined. Let us realize that the fatal consequences of this ignorance is that many think that their egotistical way of thinking and living, disparaging and dominating their fellowman, the torture, exploitation and murder of human beings and fellow creatures, the ruthless fight against the lives of others, the wanting to be and have in its multitudinous variations etc., etc., etc. would merely bring them advantage and profit without punishment. 

     God never punishes.  Man punishes himself, because he himself created the effects that he then - in this life on earth or in the soul realms or in future incarnations - had to experience on himself.  Whoever always does the same and similar things against the law of freedom, against the eternal love, that is, whoever acts against the law of God with always the same thoughts and words, is heading toward a point where catastrophe begins for him:  sorrow, illness or need.  But that is not everything; the disaster, which stems from spiritual ignorance, is far more extensive.  Namely that since the person does not know about the causal correlations of sowing and reaping, of cause and effect, a painful and sorrowful experience cannot, or can hardly, teach him anything, because he lacks the basic spiritual knowledge that is the basis for self-recognition.  Instead of figuring out his own faults, his blame or his partial blame, he usually places the blame solely on his neighbor, accusing, condemning and judging him, and thus increasing the weight of his own burden, instead of expiating some of it.

     We know the path of probation which is the path of self-recognition, of clearing things up and of doing them no more.  There is also the path of expiation, which means to pay off guilt by suffering through what a person had done earlier to others.  But without recognition of one's own wrong behavior, of one's own guilt, it is not possible to dissolve these negative energy potentials.  But how shall a person recognize himself in the adversities he has experienced if he doesn't even know that he is the perpetrator himself, according to the law of sowing and reaping?

     The result is that all the pain and suffering was endured for nothing, that all need and misery was suffered for nothing, if they did not lead to insight and to a change of ways.  And so, much has been suffered in this world and in the soul realms, and still is!

     We can see what terrible and far-reaching consequences the decision of 553 in Constantinople has for many, many people right up until today, and for the morals and ethics of private and public life!

     The law of sowing and reaping that indicates to us the law of reincarnation is the justice of God and not last of all, His great love.  It gives person and soul the chance to forgive and to make amends for unlawful deeds, in order to become free from the weight and burden that we have inflicted upon our souls.  If our sinful aspects have been cleared up, our debt paid off, the result is that soul and person vibrate higher, because everything is radiation, vibration.  Then, when the time of disembodiment comes, the soul can lightly and buoyantly return to the fine-material, eternal kingdom that is our eternal homeland.

And so, reincarnation, re-embodiment, gives the new human being a chance to make amends in this incarnation for the mistakes and faults he committed in former existences, that is, to even them out.       Taken from the book "Everyone Dies for Himself Alone" published by Universal Life Series-  2009


     “As each one begins to understand that the golden rule does truly enact itself, they become more Mindful of what they are doing and saying and thinking, for they understand that although God Loves them without condition, their own actions will bounce back at them in the earthly dream”.