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 About Rosemary Lachance,

Teacher & Student of Universal Spiritual Laws



 "I GIVE THANKS TO: Intelligent, informed people. Even though we live in a world of zombie people who forgot how to think for themselves, I'm always impressed by the amazing number of truly intelligent thoughtful individuals I do meet -- people who are natural-born skeptics and who intelligently question everything going on around them in order to arrive at the deeper truths of our world. Kudos to all of you, as I believe you are the individuals who represent the future of human civilization."  Health Ranger


    Since the age of 3, she began seeing spirits and communicating with animals, she knew there was so much more to learn than what religion told her.  Having been raised in the Catholic Religion, she found that she had so many questions about the meaning of life and death that they could not answer for her so in 1975 she set out to find the true meaning of life. 

Studying and searching for 7 years, she was spiritually led to The  ofofThe Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ, presently called Universal Spirit, where she found the answers to all of her unanswered questions about life and earthly death.  She is spiritual, but does not follow any organized religion and believes people should feel free to worship as they please. She has studied and followed Universal Life for 39 years.She bases all her healings and teachings on this.

   Rosemary Lachance became interested in a holistic lifestyle in 1970 on the day she first walked into a health food store. She studied intensively for 20 years and worked as a vitamin consultant at Edge of the Woods Health Food Store, and a manager of Nature Foods Center in New Haven.  In 1993 she opened her own health food store and called it Inner Path where she counseled her customers and gave classes on vitamins, nutrition and vegetarian cooking along with Dr. Alan Moskowitz, a Naturopathic Physician. Both she and Dr. Moskowitz appeared on public television together as advice counselors.

   An avid lover of animals, Rosemary volunteered Energy Healing at various animal shelters for the poor animals who are physically and/or emotionally hurt and looking for loving homes as well as going to the homes of private individuals to do Healing on their beloved pets.

   She has been the Producer of a Public Service Cable TV Show called "Healing Outside the Box", for 14 years. This is a thought provoking series dedicated to bring you food-for-thought information and answers to all modalities of alternative healing, spiritual development, animal welfare, environmental concerns and much more in the form of guest speakers who are experts in their fields.  Also from the much acclaimed "Life Explain Series" created by Hans Wilhelm, she has done over 84 shows, many with Mr. Wilhelm, who is a dear friend, which answers so many questions about Spirituality.

In March of 2016 Rosemary, along with Dina Scungio, her co-host, was a guest on the public service TV Show, "Spiritual Invitation" with Carla Agustyn.


It is her dream to one day see Allopathic & Naturopathic Doctors & Spiritual Energy Healers work together hand in hand to heal the sick.

Her motto for her life is: "Treat others as you would have others treat you", and "do not do to others what you would not want done to you". 

Rosemary Lachance, Spiritual Warrior                                                                                                                                                                                           

From the Cayce Readings: "May we have enough love not to have disappointment in things, events or people. Some things need to be healed in a spiritual way rather than a "get over it" way... spirit's way is to come from love at all times... what a hard road to stay on!"

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