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 "Never give up....

even in your darkest hour...

Because your grandest adventure

is just about to begin..."  

~ Hans Wilhelm


Spiritual Enlightenment & Healing


Healing comes from the person letting go of negative beliefs and habits, like "I deserve to be punished" and most of all fear. Fear disguises itself in many forms. There are really only two emotions, Love & Fear. All of our thoughts, words and deeds are based on these two emotions, and once these things are recognized, actualized (worked out) and finally let go of, healing can take place.

So Energy Healing gives you enlightenment to recognize yourself, clear up the negative causes and healing will take place.

Sometimes healing is instantaneous, and sometimes it takes time, but it does take the desire to want to be free of your problems and attain inner peace.

A lot of people want quick relief, they choose escapism, in the form of medical or illegal drugs or alcohol...all of which does unbelievable harm to the body and is just a temporary reprieve from the inner and outer pain. You can be healed if you really have the desire and then seek out the help you need to do it. Recognize and actualize.

Energy Healing can also help you if you have no illness but are seeking inner peace which can help you ward off any illness before it manifests itself in your body.

Illness is a gift, a wake up call. It tells you that your thoughts, words and/or deeds are negative.  It tells you that you are angry, holding a grudge, acting like a victim, unable to express yourself, feeling tremendous guilt, (even religious guilt) feeling unworthy, low self-esteem, feeling like you should be punished, etc....so thank this gift of illness and together we will try to find the answers for you.

Energy Healers are channels for the Spiritual Energy that is God's gift to us. He wants to enlighten and heal us and I will do everything I can to help you to attain this Energy.





   “Until we know the state of your inner harmony, we can at the most release you from your illness – because your inner harmony is the source of your health.  But when we release you from one illness, you will immediately catch another, because nothing has been done with regard to your inner harmony.  The fact of the matter is that it is your inner harmony which must be supported."        Paracelsus, Hidden Mysteries of Eastern Temples




   "God is within us and without us.  He is the Source of all life; and of unimaginable depths of inter-stellar space.  He is also the indwelling life of our own little selves.  And just as the whole world full of electricity will not light a house unless the house itself is prepared to receive that energy, so the infinite and eternal God cannot help us unless we are prepared to receive the light within ourselves".        Agnes Sanford