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“Yes, the world has been changing so much over the last twenty years and things are accelerating.

Often people are shocked by the transformation that is happening, as they don't recognize it as such.

Their perspective is narrow and their understanding of cause and effect absent. Many have been sleeping in their lives. They have lost their relationship with Spirit and with Mother Earth and blatantly abuse Her.


It is unfortunate, and at times overwhelming.

However, I am a person who believes that every "effort" matters. Even the smallest effort, driven by the right intention can have great impact. The intentions of Love, Peace and Hopefulness, coupled with Faith, can create miracles.

So, I continue to focus first on myself...to heal my own "stuff" and create internal peace.
By being a soul at peace... the choices for transformation are limitless...and I get to choose to " be" and give love.

It is daily labor, but it is my gift to myself and to Spirit...to the Universe... for all I have been given and for all I believe in. We all have to do our part for the collective healing of humanity and Mother Earth.”   Leslie T.