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     I personally believe that all healing energy comes from God-Father (The Creator).

     We are all created by God, our Father, as perfect, divine, spiritual beings.  The Energy He created us with is the same energy that He is.  This Energy pours down from the Pure Heavens, to us, all of the time.  It heals and renews us if we know how to receive it and many people either are not aware of this Energy or they do not know how to receive it.

    Energy Healing is one way, to harness this the Energy, that is all from (Creator) God.  Energy Healers go to Master Healers to learn how to do this.  We study and then proceed to help people and animals to heal their physical and emotional problems from the enlightenment the Healing gives them.  All you have to do is be willing to receive this healing energy and do the work on yourself. 

     It does not matter, at all, what religion you practice.  It does not interfere, with it, in any way, and can even enhance your spirituality.

     God-Father (Creator) is Pure, Unconditional Love and always wants to heal us, for we are all His children.



     "There are religious people, and there are spiritual people. Religious people know the Truth, but spiritual people do it."   Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend


    "Believe in magic ~ and life will be Magical.  Believe in miracles ~ and life will be Miraculous.  Believe in nothing ~ and life will be.........empty."  Vicki Melnick