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"A Mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it is not open."





SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING FOR ANIMALS - I will come to your home to do Energy Healing on your pet.  Fee:  A Donation

Also you can check with your veterinarian to see if my service is allowed at their office for your pet prior to an operation to calm and strengthen or after an operation to help speed healing.

PRIVATE SPIRITUAL ADVISING & TEACHING A one on one session to help you to find the answers to your problems by helping you to look at them in both a worldly and spiritual (not religious) way.  Fee:  $30  for 1 hour

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES  Please see the page titled "Spiritual  Classes" which will explain in detail what this class is about.    

I will teach you one on one or you may also put together a group of people who are interested, and I will come to your home, business or organization, to teach. Fee: Group rates.




For more information on any of these, please call or email me:

Rosemary Lachance

(203) 627-7966



 Rosemary Lachance is also available for lectures on Energy Healing and Spirituality in your home, business or organization. For more information on lecture formats and fees please contact: