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      This is a private one hour session for people who are looking for answers to their questions concerning their life, and their spiritual development. I will help you to deal with you problems in both a worldly and a spiritual way.

     Perhaps you are now standing at a threshold in your life and feel that you need to make changes because everything you have tried in the past, to find your answers, does not work for you any longer and are ready to look at your life, and the world, with "fresh eyes". 

     This is a very gentle, understanding way to get started on the changes you would like to make in your life.


     "You must be the 'Change' you wish to see in the world."   Mahatma Ghandi


    "The little willingness that you give to the Life-Force will reap you great rewards of Peace and Wisdom and a feeling of being cherished and purposeful.  Give that little willingness, that little opening in the door to your human consciousness, and allow the Life Force to flow in.  For flow in It will, and as you allow It to take your thoughts and re-mold them into Thoughts of your fullness and wellness of Being, you will be delighted"....     The Angels