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The Word


The Universal Spirit publishes the prophetic word of the present time, given through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, in written, audio and visual form.

The word of the free, Universal Spirit has been offered to the people of all cultures for almost 40 years, through countless revelations, schoolings and teachings, as a guide to develop a responsible and ethical moral life.

The prophetic word of the present time is linked with Early Christianity, in the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount and of the Ten Commandments of God – free of all ecclesiastical traditions and external religions. This universal teaching encompasses the cosmic correlations of all life, it encompasses the meaning and purpose of life on Earth and the need for unity – among people as well as with nature and the animals.

The Golden Rule of Life, which also applies to our fellow creatures is:"Do not do to another what you don't want to have done to you", or stated differently, "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

In the Sophia Library, the Center of the Free Spirit for All Cultures Worldwide in Germany, the extensive and growing work of the life of Gabriele is available for perusal and study, as well as for purchase.

Many thanks to our faithful customers and friends who have been with us over the years and supported our efforts, also with donations, for the many free brochures and information that goes out all over the world to the less privileged ones.