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 What is Spiritual Healing?


  Spiritual Healing is the transfer of a universal, all-pervading life energy, the life force of the Universe (a/k/a God, The Holy Spirit, the I AM Presence, etc.), down through the Healer and out through his/her hands into the subject to create well being and enlightment.

All illness is a "wake up" call.  This wake up call tells you that your thoughts, words, and deeds are out of allignment with God. This Spiritual Energy is given to you to help you to recognize what is out of alignment in you, so that you can be healed.  Once you recognize yourself and work on yourself to make the positive changes, the illness will go away.  If you go back to your old ways, the illness will come back, maybe even worse then before.

Even quantum physics supports the existence of Creator Spiritual Energy.  This is the energy that flows through our hands in concentrated form when we give someone or ourselves Energy Healing.

  Since Spiritual Energy is the Universal Life Force and Wisdom, it knows exactly what you need. It is totally safe. It will only give you what you need in the moment and nothing more, and is one of the most gentle and loving treatments you can give anyone.

  The Universal Life Force is Love - pure unconditional Love, it carries Wisdom and Power, in this Love. The love, wisdom and power of Healing Energy is a unifying force, leading one to a deeper union, oneness, and wholeness with God. In this oneness, we remember our Divine Creative Potential, we remember the joys of Divine Order, Peace, Harmony, and move towards our personal and global enlightenment.

  Religion and creed do not matter. People of all faiths, beliefs, practices and free thinkers can give and receive Energy Healing. Unconditional love has no boundaries or limitations.





What is the role of a Energy Healer?


The function of the Facilitator is to allow him/herself to be a channel for the Universal Creative Force to flow through him/her. By doing this, the Facilitator increases the energy flow to the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies, so all levels can re-establish balance and well-being.

The term "Healer" is really a misnomer. We are not healers for others, for the true healer is the Presence of God/Spirit within the body of the client that balances and harmonizes. Rather, we are more Facilitators and assistants in the healing process, guiding with our knowledge and abilities to move and balance energy fields. We allow the Creative Force to flow through us for the highest good for our clients.

The healing is between the individual and God/Spirit. The Facilitator supplies the strength, energy and counsel to enable the healing to be effective if it is in Divine Order. The Facilitator does not take credit for the healing that occurs. Neither is the Facilitator responsible for the client's acceptance or rejection of healing.