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Channeled from the Angels




     Animals are here to DEFINE US. They show us who we are.  Are we compassionate, kind, caring people or are we self-absorbed and self-centered?


     Do we have low self-esteem and a need to feel special? 


     Animals are here to show us who we are, to teach us kindness and compassion, unconditional love and to peacefully stand up for what we believe in, to soothe and comfort us, to bring healing to the sick and injured, to show us how to laugh and play, and to help us to overcome our physical and mental handicaps.   


     Do we speak out for the mute animals or do we abuse, torture, experiment on, use as commodities (such as raise to kill and use for food, fur, experiment on to sell products for money or to obtain “grant” money so we may have and keep a job by searching for cures that will not be found so pharmaceutical companies can keep selling drugs, which they test on animals to cover themselves from getting sued from all the side affects. Ask yourself, how do they know about all the possible side affects to tell people to watch out for?) Or as in the government’s position, to experiment on to see what kind of weapons of war they can make and to shoot and maim them, so that they may have misguided solders learn to patch up other solders on the battlefields of “wars” fought to no avail, (then they kill the animals). Then there are the hunters who tell themselves it is a sport to hunt and kill animals to satisfy their macho instincts. And lastly there are the people to train these poor obedient animals to fight each other so they can win money and satisfy their lust for blood, etc.


     Then there are the mentally ill people who buy an animal and torture it because they can, because we have such power over them and they will never tell on us, because they are mute.   If these people get caught, the fine and punishment is so minimal that they just do it again.   Then there are the parents who do not teach their children respect for ALL life (because they themselves do not have it) resulting in the abuse and torture of animals.  Whether child or adult, it should be mandatory that they receive psychiatric care, first of all, then classes on learning about animals and how to help them.


     Then there are the people who buy animals to come live with them and just chain them outside or put them in fenced in enclosures to live a lonely, lonely life and cause them to become aggressive and tell themselves at least they are giving the animals a home.  How would you like to live out your lives like that?


     Then there are the people who, without forethought, abandon their animals if they become too costly or ill or are too much trouble to take care of and they decide they cannot afford them anymore.


     Then there are the people who buy animals and give them tender, loving care.  Who put themselves in debt to cure their illnesses, who give them a warm, safe home, lots of attention and love.


     And last, but never least, the people who devote their lives and/or stand up and fight, in whatever way they can, to save the animals from all the horrible things people do to them.


     So which kind of person are you?  Animals are here to answer that question for you.  They are God’s Angels, who suffer, in our hands, so we may recognize ourselves, learn and grow in compassion and love.  Because make no mistake…


     “Whatever a person does to animals will be paid back to him in kind.” Pythagoras (Greek philosopher)


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    Wake up people before your negative actions bring negative reactions into your life.  The decision is yours.



     "To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.  I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.  I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to the protection by man for the cruelty of man."    Mahatma Gandhi.



     As the song goes…..“Bless the beasts and the children, for they have no voice, they have no choice”……….we must, must, must speak out for them, protect and save them….



                   "I am an animal. I feel pain, sadness, and fear. I can communicate, hear, smell, and see in ways you cannot. I have a purpose in this world that you do not know. I care for and love my family. I take pleasure in the most simple things. I don't want to live in confinement or die a horrific death anymore than you do. You don't need to eat me to survive. If I could speak, I would beg you to stop. I am an animal and I wish my life meant more to you".....